odayam beach 


Odayam Beach located in 10 minute walk from Varkala cliffs.  

Mint Inside hotel so close to the sea, you will fall to sleep with the waves regular breath. The beach is great, with rather few people. In the mornings you see the fishermen pulling up the nets, like they have done hundreds of years before. 

Mint Inside hotel is recommended for Holiday, Getaway travelers or romantic family vacation. Its within 2 minutes' walk of ayurvedic clinic, shops and beach restaurants. Guests can enjoy yoga classes, dolphin safari and surfing in the surrounding areas.

We've been traveling around India for 2 months and Odayam Beach was just what we were looking for. You get up every morning to watch the local fishermen pulling in their nets (sometimes they ask you to help!) We had a sunset ride and a dolphin safari out on a home-made canoe - it all feels a lot more beautiful and less touristy than Varkala cliffs. A sea view restaurants, yoga classes and amazing Ayurveda clinic make us so happy. There is everything what travelers need - a biggest supermarket, safety atmosphere and a super clean Mint Inside Bungalow

We meant to stay in
MINT INSIDE a few days and ended up booked in for 3 weeks. Took a new bike just for a 5 dollars daily. It's been one of our favorite places in India - I'm loathed to share it because it is a great secret little place, but I'm sure it won't stay off the radar for long!   - Laura D (Berlin) 


peaceful oasis

If your looking for chilled days just next to a hundred of coconut palms

you will have chance to see dolphins in the morning